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Behavior-based neuroactive drug discovery

Teleos Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering new treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Our approach is based on more than a decade of academic research in zebrafish chemical biology. We combine high-throughput chemical screening technologies with complex whole organism phenotyping to identify and develop novel small molecule therapeutics. Teleos technology makes large-scale behavior-based drug screens possible at a speed that would be unattainable using mice or other large model organisms; as a consequence, we believe that our approach will reduce the time and cost associated with traditional, target-based or observational CNS drug discovery.

We believe our technology will dramatically improve the translational success of CNS drug candidates. By taking a radically different approach to high-throughput drug discovery, Teleos is discovering new classes of neuroactive drugs that function through novel mechanisms. Because we focus on phenotype-based discoveries, Teleos has the ability to discover drugs for diseases that lack validated targets or detailed mechanistic understanding, or that engage with multiple relevant targets. By necessity, the leads we discover have in vivo activity and a desirable CNS profile.


 Our compounds work in vivo because they are discovered in vivo.

Complex behavioral phenotyping. Now, in 96-well format.